Edmonton DJ at Barrhead Graduation

Edmonton DJ at Barrhead Graduation

Edmonton DJ plays at Barrhead Graduation.

The grad dinner and dance was held in the Agrena. This is a huge venue. The attendance was at least 600 people including all the graduates and their guests.

There was the usual speeches and toasts and grand march of the grads. We provided the sound system for all of this so as you can see it was a pretty large set up in order to cover such a large crowd and venue.

The real action started around 9 pm with the first dances with the parents, then the party began. The sound system rocked and the LED lights and lasers really lit up that arena.  Combined with all the decorating done by the grad committee, it was hard to tell you were in a  small town arena.

The dance was awesome! That may have been the most people on a dance floor all at once that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve done a lot of dances! The dance continued without any breaks until 2:30 am. Not once was there an empty dance floor the whole night.

Check out the short video compilation from some of the photos and videos captured at the Barrhead grad.

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