Edmonton Wedding DJ at Union Bank Inn

I’ve been busy the last few weekends with Soundsations . Two weekends ago I did the audio for a three day convention in Calgary at the Fairmont Palisser Hotel. That was an easy gig as I only had to show up with my music on the laptop and patch in. Then I played music in between speaking sessions and when presenters were brought on and off the stage.

This past weekend (Thanksgiving weekend) was another wedding, this time at the Union Bank Inn in downtown Edmonton. This was a great couple and once the dance started there was no trouble getting the dance floor full. They weren’t ready for their first dance though until just before 11:00 pm. This didn’t leave much time for dancing as we had to be done by 1:00 am. The hotel actually makes the DJ sign a letter promising they won’t play past 1:00 am. They must have had some real unprofessional DJ’s in there to have it come to making everyone sign a form.
Anyways, some things are out of the Dj’s control, and the dance started real late, but was a blast while it lasted. The decor in the room was fabulous as well. I’ve attached a few photos. I have to check to be sure, but I think that was my last wedding for 2009. It’s on to Christmas parties soon enough. Appropriate since there’s already snow here in Edmonton.

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